The Sauce of Guinness

The label on the bottle claims #TheSauceOfGuinness is perfect with steak but I was keen to try it in a variety of other options, the first being as a dip with cheese on toast:

It worked very well with the hot toast and I very quickly got the impression that is is a sauce for hot food. Little Lady Larry liked it with the cheese on toast, to her young taste buds it tasted like strong marmite.

For dinner we tried it with steak as suggested but rather than just dolloping it on the plate I mixed the sauce with a big nob of butter in the steak pan while the steak was resting. The result was a rich buttery sauce that went perfectly with the steak.

The next day it was bangers and mash for tea with some of my favourite sausages from The Black Farmer. I only ever see them in the local Co-op but they are really tasty, gluten free and low in carbs. For a change we are having swede mashed with lots of cheddar cheese and of course a gravy made from #TheSauceOfGuinness:

I've enjoyed experimenting with Guinness sauce, it is a unique flavour and does add a rich stouty depth to gravy. Whilst it won't be replacing the trusty bottle of brown sauce I would buy it again, more so in the winter months when making lots of stews and casseroles.


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