Ecocamel - to buy or not to buy?

A topic of regular conversation among caravanners is whether or not to switch to an Ecocamel shower head. I've debated getting one myself for some time but now, due to the power of blogging, I have been sent a complimentary Ecocamel orbit to try out.

The Ecocamel works by sucking air in through little holes in the handle then doing some magic mixing to increase pressure before forcing it all out of the shower head. Does it work? Yes. Is it like a power shower? Not really. It definitely does feel more powerful, couple that with the added noise of air being sucked in then the ambiance is certainly there. Don't take my word for it though, have a look at this Vine:

A number of caravan manufacturers are now including Ecocamels as standard kit in some of their ranges, including my good friends Elddis. Would I buy again though? Yes, and I already have bought one for home.


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